A full range of audit services include:

· Statutory audits and reviews of financial statements which are required by regulators

· Audits and reviews of reporting packages required by the group of entities

· Domestic public offering related services

· Audits for other special reports purpose

· Internal control reviews and advices

NPS Siam Audit acts for a wide range of clients, including companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.


Our services under our group are provided to

· Maintain the books of accounts in accordance with Thai Accounting Standards and to comply with the Revenue Code and relating regulations by using the computerized accounting system;

· Prepare the monthly and yearly financial reports, among other things, trail balance, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, which are prepared in accordance with the Notification of the Department of Commercial Registration dated 14 September 2001, issued under the Accounting Act B.E. 2543 (2000), and details of account balances;

· Reconcile the account balances;

· Prepare form and submit financial statements to regulatory bodies


Our services under our group are provided to:

· Calculate and prepare salary report ;

· Calculate and prepare monthly and yearly withholding tax and social security fund for filing forms to submit regulatory bodies

Tax and legal

Our tax professional under our group is provided in areas of:

Value Added Tax (VAT) comprises

· Maintain input and output VAT report

· Prepare and filing monthly VAT tax return

Personal Income Tax comprises

· Prepare and filing monthly withholding personal income tax return;

· Prepare and filing yearly personal income tax return

Corporate Income Tax comprises

· Prepare and filing monthly withholding tax;

· Prepare and filing half-year corporate income tax;

· Prepare and filing yearly corporate income tax

The services we provide include assistance in the formation and establishment of new business entities, tax compliance and review, strategic tax planning, and representing our clients before the revenue authorities.

Management Consulting

· Due diligence work

· Outsourcing of internal audit

· Accounting system design and implementation

· Business advisory

Financial Advisory Services

A dedicated team of professionals provide corporate recovery and restructuring services to corporate in all sectors, and of all size. Financial advisory services also include

· Financial and cash flow projection

· Cash monitoring